Tomo Ramen Bar

Serving an All-new Experience

By Crystal Chong


Tradition meets innovation at Tomo Ramen Bar in Damansara Utama.

The restaurant’s facade is reminiscent of a Japanese home, with wooden furnishings and pebbles giving a Zen atmosphere. But step inside, and you will be transported to a hip, modern joint, complete with neon lights.

‘Tomo’ means ‘friends’ in Japanese, and the restaurant is named so because the founders would like to invite diners to take their time and strengthen friendships, old and new, over their quality food and drinks.

For lunch, we started with the signature Tomo, springy noodles in a special miso soymilk broth you won’t find anywhere else. While sweeter and slightly thicker than one might expect, for me, this was an instant favourite. The richness is cleverly balanced with refreshing bites of bean sprouts and crunchy wood ear fungus, and with the broth itself being meat-free, there getarian version of the dish available.

Ramen is versatile and Tomo Ramen Bar really pushes the boundaries. This is evident not only in the miso soymilk broth, but also in the house-made chashu, which has been marinated in distinctive Southeast Asian flavours such as chilli and star anise.

Looking for the classics? The Tonkotsu is made with a flavourful 20-hour pork bone broth, complete with chashu pork belly, nori, soft-boiled egg, wood ear fungus, scallion and menma (bamboo shoot). If you want your ramen packed with protein, the Pork Ribs Mayu is the way to go. The same pork bone broth is served here with house-made black garlic oil and the finishing touch is a generous portion of well-seasoned pork ribs.

Tomo Ramen Bar also serves a range of donburi (rice bowl), from the Katsu Curry Don (rice with fragrant, crispy pork katsu and a side of creamy Japanese curry) to the Buta Don (rice with seared slices of pork belly topped with an onsen egg). For beef lovers, the Gyutan Don with grilled ox tongue and chilli padi will be your go-to.

After your meal, stay a little while and continue the conversation with some drinks, be it the draft sake, Japanese beer or a calming cup of Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice).


Address: Tomo Ramen Bar
                 *Modern Japanese *Casual Dining (non-halal)
                 75, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
                 Petaling Jaya
Tel:          03-7733 7755

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