KL Lifestyle Art Space (KLAS) has been a leading force in the promotion of modern and contemporary Malaysian art since the gallery’s inception in 2011. It has actively served as a platform for art masters and modernists to showcase their glorious artworks as well as provide art collectors and enthusiasts an expansive space to fully enjoy the beauty of Malaysian art. KLAS auction activities have meanwhile made us a transitional home to many artworks as the commercial space has encouraged a secondary market for artworks by senior artists and masters in Malaysia, and by some major regional masters which have exchanged hands through us.

What sets us apart from the conventional galleries is that we are highly dedicated not solely to featuring the art itself or highlighting the credentials of the artists, but we conjointly give our utmost commitment to educating the audience on the provenance of the artworks and the background of the artists as well as provide our experience and observation when coming across their magnificent masterpieces.

KLAS continuously aspires to set new standards for the presentation of art in the country. Despite our many successes in past auctions, we do believe that there is still much room to propel the local art scene to similar heights achieved by numerous of our Asian neighbours: Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, as well as Singapore. The paramount purpose and backbone at KLAS is to advance the country’s visual art scene alongside, or possibly, surpass those of our neighbours.


KLAS first opened its commercial gallery space at Tropicana City Mall in February 2011. As an art mover, we endlessly find ways to improve in terms of providing a prime space where our audiences are able to wholly appreciate art. Therefore, subsequently opening a flagship art space in Jalan Maarof in September, the same year. In August 2015, KLAS moved to Jalan Utara to a purpose built full- fledged gallery specially designed by the founder and chief executive officer, Datuk Gary Thanasan. The gallery aims to present art in a ‘mini’ international art museum environment which has encouraged countless art galleries in the country to raise the bar, forging its standards to be at par with international standards. The gallery’s interior is spacious with an atmosphere that emits a contemporary, calming feel due to its minimalistic build. The open, serene space allows viewers to whole-heartedly appreciate the artworks on display, thus, giving them an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Fast forward to KLAS in 2022, where it has opened its gallery again at its flagship outpost at 150, Jalan Maarof, under the banner of KLAS Plus. Beaming with freshness, KLAS Plus’ design is the idea of an urban oasis, a space where the pace of art-exhibition can be further appreciated and evoke meaningful reflection. KLAS converses with the locale’s bustling and thriving neighbourhood. The building itself nestles comfortably within its contemporary context, offering surprising tactility, detail, and depth up close that betrays the familiar and the everyday. Intimately surrounded by trees and clear sunlight gives the gallery a strong sense of natural surroundings. The clean walls feed into the rhythm of the arrangement of painting and the consideration of creating intimate spaces where individuals can enjoy the artwork quietly. Beautifully designed KLAS PLUS has personality of its own, but doesn’t steal the thunder of the artists on display.


Apart from the gallery, KLAS is affiliated with a lifestyle magazine, KL Lifestyle, which is owned by the parent company Mediate Communications Sdn. Bhd. Mediate was established in the year 2000, and acquired KL Lifestyle in 2007. KL Lifestyle has taken the lead since 2010 in being the only magazine in Malaysia to dedicate six to ten of its pages on Malaysian and Southeast Asian art on a monthly basis. Apart from promoting art, the magazine serves as an ultimate guide for city dwellers and travellers alike. Packed with information on all essentials for the best city experience, providing readers with colourful information from sights and sounds to international gastronomical flavours to be found in the city. An indispensable monthly guide to Kuala Lumpur, dedicated to being the one-stop reference to happenings, dining, shopping and places to relish.