About KL Lifestyle Art Space


KL Lifestyle Art Space’s chief goal is to offer another avenue for the local public and visitors to view Modern and Contemporary artworks from Malaysia and the region beyond the institutions and existing art spaces. We have been fortunate to have secured a couple of prime locations in the Klang Valley: on the ground floor at Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya and the ground floor of 31, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya in Selangor. KLAS’ visibility is high and its accessibility at both locations will no doubt encourage many walk-ins, thereby raising public awareness of Modern and Contemporary Art.

KLAS been actively promoting Malaysian art to the general public through its gallery, KL Lifestyle Art Space (KLAS) since it first opened its commercial gallery space at Tropicana City Mall in February 2011 and subsequently opening our flagship art space at Jalan Maarof in September of the same year. Now, KLAS has moved to Jalan Utara in August 2015.

As a commercial space, KLAS hopes to encourage a secondary market for Malaysian art particularly for modern and pioneer works from established senior artists and with this vision, KLAS embarked into hosting its inaugural Malaysian and Indonesian modern & contemporary art auction in September 2012 which received overwhelming response from art collectors and institutions. KLAS has had 16 auctions to-date and an upcoming one this November.

Today, KLAS is leading the auction market in Malaysia with the highest volume sold annually for the past two consecutive years.

In light of the recent successes and to provide art enthusiasts with a more expansive space to enjoy art, KLAS has built its flagship outlet in Jalan Maarof and moving to a temporary location in Jalan Utara.

The Malaysian visual art scene is growing rapidly. However, we believe more needs to be done to propel it to the same heights as many of our Asian neighbours, such as China, India, Indonesia and even Thailand. It is KLAS’ intention to bring the country’s visual art scene one step closer to or, even, one step ahead of those of our neighbours.

As a commercial gallery space, we hope to encourage a secondary market for Malaysian art, particularly for Modern or pioneer works from established senior artists and masters from Malaysia and the region. These chiefly constitute artworks created up till the 1960s and many will be surprised to know that these artworks, as well as artworks by these pioneering artists, are still attainable at relatively affordable prices.

KLAS will also provide the service of receiving consignments from artists or individual collectors, thereby making their artworks available to interested parties. This will no doubt increase the chances of serious collectors acquiring those hard-to-secure pieces from specific periods, series or individuals and in the process encourage fresh, young collectors.

KL Lifestyle Art Space offers an assurance of legitimacy for all the artworks that pass through our doors. Acquisitions made through KLAS will come complete with a certificate of authenticity bearing the original signature of the artist.

Apart from the gallery, we also run a lifestyle magazine dubbed KL Lifestyle. KL Lifestyle is the ultimate guide for city dwellers and travellers alike. Packed with information on all essentials for the best city experience, KL Lifestyle provides all readers with colourful information from sights and sounds to international gastronomical flavours to be found in the city. It is an indispensable monthly guide to Kuala Lumpur, dedicated to being the one-stop reference to happenings, dining, shopping and places to just chill out!