Lot 9 | Auction XIV

LOT 09

(B. Selangor, 1974)

Ballet Dancers, 2014

Signed and dated “Rafin 12.14” on lower right
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 183 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 8,400

In his earlier works such as the Earthscape Series, Nik Rafin explored the relationship between colours and shapes. Those works were mainly abstract, but this time he incorporates both abstract and definitive subject matter – ballet dancers.

Brown and orange lines weave and circle around these dancers, placing them aesthetically as their silhouettes are projected to be the center of attention. With the same warm orange shade as the background, as well as Nik Rafin’s ever-present details, lines and shapes along with it provide an invigorating atmosphere for these dancers, as they perform the allongé, allegro and attitude of the ballet gracefully. This piece is a flawless showcase of Nik Rafin’s flair for details, design and illustrations – as not even the computer screen or sophisticated design software will outmaneuver looking at a real piece of art face-to-face, such as this one.