Lot 89 | 15 August 2021



LOT 89


B. Sabah, 1956

Essence of Culture Series,Ting Ting Elegi Anak Kecil, 1987

Signed and dated “Damit 87” on lower right
Signed, titled and dated on verso

Mixed media on canvas

115 x 145 cm

Private Collection, Singapore
Illustrated on page 74 in the “777”, Celebrating 7 Illustrious Years at KLAS, Important and Rare Masterpeice from Malaysia and Singapore” coffee table book published by KLAS in February 2019

RM 80,000 – RM 180,000

It can be argued that Awang Damit’s works are elegiac. They do not have pretty colours nor are they paintings of flawless and fantastic dream realms. They are commanding, ruthless and stares back at the viewer, standing its ground firmly. As seen in this piece, the colours are dark and busy, creating a chaotic atmosphere. Jagged lines, shapes and random colours are scattered about the canvas, so forceful that they command the attention of the viewer at once.

These are not mere random drawings or arbitary strokes of the brush, these are raw gestures filled with raw human emotions and the essence of culture (hence the series’ title) – Awang Damit’s intellectual journey. “Through them I try to translate the deepest parts of it onto something that is tangible,” said Awang.

His bittersweet memories of his childhood are represented in this canvas, filled with emotions that are hard to forget even after all these years. They are, of course, unique in terms of colours and shapes, but that is what makes Awang Damit and his works truly memorable. The message needs a little dissecting, as if the viewer is trying to dissect parts of Awang Damit’s personality as well, as if one looks close enough they may find bits and pieces that may hint at what the painting is truly about.