Lot 74 | Auction XXXVIIII



LOT 74


B. Singapore, 1945

Market Kathmandu, 1991

Signed and dated “K.Seng 91” on lower right

Acrylic on canvas

58 x 72 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Singapore

RM 25,000 – RM 50,000

Entitled ‘Market Kathmandu,1991’, this work is as humble as it is beautiful. Ong with his mastery, depicts a daily scene in Kathmandu, in presumably, a market. An earthy palette becomes the painting, with meticulous portrayal of details. Pails and basins are seen strewn about the left of the shop, some holding vegetables. What looks like a hole in the wall shop is manned by a Nepalese lady dressed in a vibrant saree, tending to two modest, female customers. There is a simplistic beauty to this work.