Lot 64 | Auction XXXVIIII



LOT 64


B. Penang, 1976

Twisted, 2008

Comes with a certificate from the artist

Lasercut mild steel with granite base

60 x 30 x 30 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 15,000 – RM 25,000

At a glance, Twisted is seen consisting of a series of sliced vertical ‘S’ resembling a totem- like structure. Abdul Multhalib showcases the bond between the study of geometry within nature and the two dimensional plane, and questions the effect of realising his thoughts in a three dimensional environment.

The Twist series represent a new oeuvre for Multhalib Musa (one that has evolved from an earlier series). The series takes inspiration from Yusof Ghani’s paintings entitled ‘Biring Series’, exhibited in a gallery in 2007. The action and movement from the cock fight, Yusof’s subject matter, inspired Multhalib to create a series that echos the blurring pace of bodies in motion. The artist’s fascination with Yusof Ghani’s works also led him to work on Biring-inspirited sculptures for Yusof in the same year.

Multhalib Musa can be regarded as one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary sculptors. He is known for his ‘fluid metal sculptures’ which seem to be effortlessly carved out of metal. The contradiction of transforming a hard material like metal into a supple, pliable form which catches and bounces light off it, reflects Multhalib’s interest in exploring light and the manipulation of his medium.