Lot 62 | 3 October 2021



LOT 62


B. Kedah, 1962

The Blue Valley, 2017

Watercolour on paper

76 x 57.5 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 6,000 – RM 12,000

A beautiful, busy spectacle of pink and darker hues are seen in this work, tying in with Rafiee Ghani’s hallmark of loud and dynamic colours and brush strokes where his Intimism styles are very well established. Rafiee Ghani travels became his new teacher and muse. When he travelled, he often found inspiration in the most unassuming places. Amid the chaos, he found serenity and compassion. He is known to produce paintings of still life that depict all types of objects of everyday life including the likes of vases, stools, chairs, mugs, flowers, food and fruits. Aesthetics form an important part of Rafiee’s paintings where he uses balance and composition to their fullest potential, often producing artwork, which are both aesthetically pleasing and artistic.