Lot 59 | Auction XXXVIII



Lot 59


B. Terengganu, 1939 – 2000

Untitled, Circa 1970s

Signed “M.ZAIN” on lower left

Oil on cardboard

38 x 58 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Canada

RM 1,500 – RM 3,500

Mohamed Zain was a self-taught artist with the greatest admiration for the village life, and he highly cherished it. He was touted as the “Fisherman’s Artist” by Frank Sullivan, during his first solo at the Samat Art Gallery in 1972 and was known for depicting landscape of the seaside and fishermen villages. Kampungs are the panoramas of the charming scenes of nature. There is a simplistic and divine beauty about these sceneries and artist Mohamed Zain captures it brilliantly in this piece. All in all, this piece is filled with romanticism and dazzling execution.