Lot 57

LOT 57

(B. Singapore, 1945)

Mountains, 1980s

Signed on lower left
Watercolour on paper
53 x 73.5 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

SOLD – RM 30,240

In order for a masterpiece or painting of a landscape to come to life, there has to be an extraordinary link between the artist and the subject. In this magnificent painting of the Himalayan Mountains, Ong Kim Seng captures the depth, the contours, the shadows and the beauty that is the natural scenery of the world. It is stunning, and although simple in its execution, it shows the meticulous and methodical use of fine brush strokes and skills.

Ong said, “I have to feel a place before I paint it. If I have good feelings for a scene – just as I may have good feelings for someone I meet – I know I’ll have the will to paint it well. For me, and for all painters, I believe, inspiration comes naturally when there’s a link between the artist and his subject.” Ong’s works have been highly coveted due to the fact that his pieces are not only magnetic, but they seem to be permeating with an aura of wonder – not only because of his skills in executing these pieces, but also because of the scenery that he manages to bring to life.