Lot 57 | Auction XVIII

LOT 57


B. Penang, 1970

Alone on Friday, 2012

Signed and dated “Lai Wai, 12” on lower left

Mixed media on canvas
76 x 76 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 3,000 – RM 5,000

Soon Lai Wai believes that as an artist, one should try different palettes and try other techniques. He practices what he preaches, as he explores new colours and palettes in his classic and faithful rendition of the lotus flowers. Shades of blue and green are present in this piece, subtly decorating the canvas, but careful enough not to take the attention away from the main subject. It is tasteful and elegant, and a true expression of beauty. There is a certain radiance and romantic feel to this piece, something that reminds one of the lotus flower itself – modest yet engaging. It is through this flower that Soon Lai Wai gained recognition when he first started off as an artist. On creating the masterpiece and flow of colours, he said, “I rotate my canvas to allow the liquid paint to flow slowly and to settle into shapes of ponds, flowers or leaves.”

Soon Lai Wai was born in Penang in 1970. After attending the Saito Academy of Design, he began working as an artist for an overseas advertising company for five years before making the decision to become a full time artist. Until this day, his artworks are being collected by collectors from the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and some of them are displayed in Hotel Ascott, Kuala Lumpur.