Lot 49 | Auction XXXVI




LOT 49


B. China, 1906-1991

Sparrows by the Reeds

Signed in Chinese and stamped with two seals of the artist

Ink and colour on paper

81.5 x 54.5 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Singapore

Soft in sight with graceful subtlety, Chen Wen Hsi illustrates his depiction of sparrows in their element, flying by some reeds. He was always keen on nature and animals as the subject of his artworks. Using Chinese ink and watercolour on paper for this masterpiece, he showcases and oriental-style technique with immaculate brush strokes. Chen was proficient in both traditional Chinese ink and Western oil painting, and experimented with a variety of styles ranging from Fauvism to Cubism. In Chen’s exhibition held in May 1956, Frank Sullivan noted his fascination for man-made things and clutter. The artist loved to experiment with the interplay of light and forms in chaotic subjects. His unique style which showed interest in angles but not Cubis ; strays not far from reality and is obsessed with shapes, and yet not an abstract painter.