Lot 44 | 8 November 2020



LOT 44


B. India, 1940 – 2015

Mother and Child, 1975

Signed and dated “M. Sivanesan 75” on lower left

Oil on canvas

91 x 71 cm

Private Collection, Canada

RM 4,000 – RM 10,000

Sivanesan’s artworks are figurative in style and subtle in colour. He approaches the canvas as a means to explore his personal range of emotions rather than making too much of an effort to make his art accessible to the viewer via some profound statement. It is in the supreme manifestation of this interiorised subjectivity that the greatness of his art lies. Humans are predominant to his works, reflecting the beauty that he often sees within them. The Indian modern and contemporary artist’s works possess an air of effortless case, which is derived from supreme skill and confidence. They also, have a subtle, sober, and yet lively exuberance of colour, and freshness, which makes Sivanesan’s reputation as a facile illustrator.