Lot 41 | Auction XXXIV


LOT 41


B. Singapore, 1941

Evening Glow ll, 2004

Signed and dated “Jolly Koh 04” on lower leftt

Oil and acrylic on canvas

63 x 91 cm

RM25,000 – RM40,000


Layers upon layers of colours are applied, and it eventually led to a warm landscape, a wash of light intensifying it further – it is somehow redolent of the breathtaking vision that is sunset, a view that can only be found if one is in the middle of the ocean. Bathed by warm orange and red light, Jolly Koh creates yet another landscape that is heavenly and serene. Whether it is the wonderful and harmonious hues of colour, the difference in intensity and tones, that otherworldly totality that is this painting is solely and distinctively Jolly Koh’s. Inspired by his own mind and skills, his style of painting is purely derived from his fantasy world and he morphs them into a tangible form with the combined use of oil and acrylic. Romantic, warm and serene is the mood that goes along with this piece, as it is that perfect moment – perhaps at dusk when the light of the sun turns orange.

Jolly Koh was born in Singapore, where he studied for his National Diploma in Design at Hornsey College of Art, London in the year 1962. A year after, he obtained his Art Teacher’s Certificate from London as well, and his Masters at Indiana University, USA in 1972. His artworks have been exhibited at the National Art Gallery in Victoria, Australia, Bank Negara Malaysia, the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore and J.D. Rockefeller III Collection, just to name a few.