Lot 39 | 5 March 2023



LOT 39


B. Perak, 1911

Penang Chinese Temple, 1930’s / Untitled / Untiltled / Untitled

Watercolour on paper

29 x 35 cm / 18 x 27 cm / 26 x 33 cm / 23 x 26 cm

Private Collection, Canada

RM 900 – 1,800

Zhong Pai Mu studied at Xin Hua Art Academy in Shanghai, before heading to Nanjing to learn from master Xu Bei Hong who returned to China at that time. He then graduated from the art academy at Central University. Upon graduation, Zhong returned to Ipoh. Later, he was invited by Kuo Ju Ping to teach oil painting in Penang. He then moved to Singa- pore and taught western art at NAFA for a few years before migrating to Hong Kong. During his time in Singapore, he had also guided painter Fung Yow Chork.