Lot 37 | 5 March 2023



LOT 37


B. China,1906-1991

Two Gibbons

Signed and stamped with artist seal on the upper right side of the painting

Chinese ink and watercolour on paper

33 x 44 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 28,000 – 45,000

The black of the Chinese ink in Chen Wen Hsi’s works is sometimes accompanied by subtle shades of brown that make up tree trunks or the skin of gibbons showing through black fur. Oftentimes, dabs and strokes of the occasional green of leaves, interrupt the monochromatic aspects of the works. All these muted tones come together to suffuse the ink works with a harmonious feel. It is easy to get lost in Chen Wen Hsi’s skilful handling of the brush in depicting the gibbons’ fur. The artist alternates between fine and broad brushstrokes as well as between wet and dry ones, all to different effects. Sometimes, all these different brush strokes can be found on the body of a single gibbon, enhancing its three-dimensional quality. At other times, they are applied separately on different gibbons.