Lot 31 | Auction XV

LOT 31

(B. Perak, 1983)

Mencari Sinar Mentari (Ketenangan), 2010

Signed and dated “2010 Faizal Samat” on lower right
Acrylic on canvas
91.5 x 121.5 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur
Exhibited in “KEPADAMU KEKASIH (Yang Maha Esa)” Ramadhan exhibition
(August 10 – September 20, 2010) held at the National Art Gallery, Malaysia

SOLD – RM 1,770

Soon after he graduated from his tertiary education from a chosen local school of art, Faizal Samat has set his mind to implant his artistic footsteps for his passion lies in it. Throughout his career as an impressionist artist, Faizal has been involved in numerous group shows handled by both government and private sectors and apparently, he has discovered a sensitive side of him. Hence, it explains the floral motif sprawling over his artworks such as roses and orchid motifs. This is further inspired by his travelling experience across the Malaysian Peninsular.

Captured on canvas is a hypnotizing view of a corridor, seemingly set in the olden days when the designs were intricate and majestic. The background is dark and shadowy, suggesting an old, abandoned mansion or castle – which would explain the sporadic growth of flowers scattered throughout the floor. At the end of the hallway lies a dungeon door, embellished with bronze handles and design. This piece is mystifying as it is mysterious, calling out to the most adventurous at hearts to come explore the hidden depths and what lies beyond that door.