Lot 28 | 15 August 2021



LOT 28


B. Indonesia, 1938 – 2019

Mariam, 2011

Signed on upper right

Oil on canvas

70 x 70 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 8,000 – RM 12,000

Jeihan Sukmantoro, who recently passed away, was born in 1938 near Solo (Central Java). At the age of six, he had an accident that left him with brain damage and epilepsy. Despite the incident, Jeihan completed junior high school and focused on art in senior high school where he received a class promotion for conducting a solo exhibition of 30 watercolours. Women were the artist’s preferred subject of choice, seeing a uniqueness in them, exuding mystery and character.

This particular piece entitled, Mariam uses cool toned hues with the medium of oil on canvas. She was painted against a vibrant space, focusing on the physical and non- physical reality of things. Jeihan regarded his subjects, like Mariam, as spiritual beings and draw indirect attention to her through facial expressions and body gestures.