Lot 25 | 8 November 2020



LOT 25


B. England, 1970

Real Stylish Gorilla Caddy “RSGC”, 2020

Signed and dated “Y. Majid 2020” on lower right

Oil on canvas

60 x 91.5 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 7,000 – RM 15,000

There’s always an air of intrigue that fills Yusof Majid’s works and this Real Stylish Gorilla Caddy “RSGC” work is no different. The artist paints a perfect day of staggered clouds in the bluest sky and at the foreground, a caddy is seen lugging around a golf bag on a stunning green and perfectly manicured golf course. What raises intrigue is the skyscraper in a distant that bears close semblance to The Exchange 106 with a gorilla hanging off of it, in motion of attacking another subject at its pinnacle. From an early age, art has been a part of Yusof Majid’s life. He grew up in England, and had an appreciation for art at a young age. Born in 1970, Yusof Majid’s creative work was predominantly inspired by the 1980s. The artist attended the Chelsea School of Art, England from 1988 to 1993. Yusof sees his paintings as a naive surrealist extension of his inner self, emptiness and euphoria in landscapes of memory and dreamscapes.