Lot 22 | 28 November 2021



LOT 22


B. Penang, 1976

Malaysian Breeze Series, 2003

Formerly in the Collection of Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Lasercut mid steel

160 x 340 x 3 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 85,000 – RM 130,000

Multhalib Musa is considered the chief sculptor in the contemporary Malaysian art movement. He is known for his ‘fluid metal sculptures’ which seem to be effortlessly carved out of metal. The contradiction of transforming a hard material like metal into a supple, pliable form which catches and bounces light off it, reflects Multhalib’s interest in exploring light and the manipulation of his medium. His clean, kinetically influenced sculptures have earned him several awards, residencies and commissions, notable among them the Rimbun Dahan Residency in 2001 and the Australian High Commission Residency in 2004. In 2002 Multhalib won the Award of Excellence at the 6th Oita Asian Sculpture Open Competition in Japan, the Juror’s Choice Awarad at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur in 2002 before going on to be selected for the Ordos 11th Asia Arts Festival, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, as well as the Urumqi International Urban Sculpture Symposium in Xinjiang, China in 2009. Multhalib won a competition to design a major outdoor sculpture for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. Multhalib has created major commission works for Petronas, The Hilton, The Grand Hyatt, The Westin, Aliya and Farouk Khan and UMW Toyota.