Lot 2 | Auction XV


(B. N. Sembilan, 1949)

Untitled, 2013

Signed and dated “Taj 11/13” on lower right
Mixed media on canvas
61 x 61 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 16,520

Never straightforward and obvious with the messages he embeds into his artworks, Tajuddin Ismail has once again inspired curiosity with this piece. Innovative and complex, he stimulates the mind of the viewers while making a connection with them at the same time. What Tajuddin Ismail wishes to incite is not an understanding of a singular, standard message from his artworks, but to evoke various feelings and thoughts – after all, what a person takes from an abstract form is completely subjective.Citing nature as his muse, he avails himself of the combination of contrasting colours, thick heavy lines and blocks and geometrical shapes to illustrate all the elements of nature. These combinations are present in this piece with pasty colours adorning the entire canvas, interjected by a haphazard scar here and scratches on the right side of the canvas, proof that emotions and thoughts are indeed involved in the creation of such a masterpiece.