Lot 13 | 27 June 2021


LOT 13


B. Kuala Lumpur, 1949

Excavations I, 2016

Signed and dated “Bhanu 16” on lower right

Mixed media on paper

59 x 42 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 800 – RM 1,800

Calming, soothing and inundated with various colours flowing effortlessly with one another, this piece by Bhanu Achan is the visualisation of the ongoing search to look for meaning beyond shapes, structures and subject matter. It is effervescent with big strokes, infused with his own emotions and understanding of the elements of nature. There are simply no rules and lines, no fixed forms or objects, it is by and large, a communication between the artist and the audience – a communication that does not abide by the rubrics of the physical, representational and figurative manifestations. Initially, Bhanu Achan was sent to India to study medicine. However, he began to discover more on the teachings of Hinduism, of yoga, dharma and karma and this spiritual side is always present in his paintings, as they all have that aura-like atmosphere to them. His career has spanned for about forty years and his artworks have been part of the National Art Gallery’s collection.