10 Foods to Boost Your HDL Cholesterol

Add these to your grocery list

Malaysia has one of the youngest age groups for heart-related diseases in the world. The cause of heart-related diseases is high blood cholesterol that clogs the arteries which may eventually block the flow of oxygen and nutrients. This is when chest pains, stroke or heart attack may occur. Though not all cholesterols are bad, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) helps remove all the extra cholesterols and plaque buildup in your arteries. Add these HDL-rich superfoods to keep your heart health in check.




Avocado is one of the most versatile fruits packed with monosaturated fats. For a hearty breakfast, simply puree your avocado with a spoonful of honey and lemon to be used as a spread for your morning sandwich. Otherwise, simply add a few slices of avocado to your salad.


Compared to farmed salmon, wild salmon have higher minerals including potassium, zinc and iron. Eating wild salmon just 1-2 times per week would suffice. You can enjoy it pan-seared, steamed or baked with a squeeze of lemon.


In moderation, the antioxidants contained in a glass of red wine will help keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. The best choice would be Malbec wine; the grapes are some of the thickest of all the winegrape varieties. Otherwise, a Pinot Noir would do the trick.


A cup of orange juice contains 124 milligrams of vitamin C. Though it hasn’t been determined how oranges help with cholesterol, participants in a recent study showed an increase in HDL levels by 21 per cent and a lower LDL/HDL ration by 16 per cent by drinking three glasses of orange juice a month.


Dark chocolates are a powerful source of antioxidants. One study revealed that cocoa and dark chocolate had more polyphenols and flavanols than any other fruits tested. However, as great as it is, it’s best consumed in small portions and preferably with high cocoa content.


It is said that one of the reasons of Japan’s high life expectancy is their consumption of green tea. The high concentration of antioxidants known as polyphenols in green tea helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels and boost HDL, preventing atherosclerosis.


Other than improving the lining of your blood vessels and preventing excessive blood clotting, studies have shown that olive oil can effectively lower blood pressure. While it is easy to add to your meal plan, it’s important to ensure that you get the right variety of olive oil for your diet. Only purchase from your trusted supermarket and ensure you read the labels to get real extra virgin olive oil.


Berries are low in calories and high in antioxidants which make them ideal as an addition to one’s diet. A study revealed that HDL levels of adults rose 5 per cent when they consumed a cup of frozen berries a day for eight weeks. You can enjoy it with your overnight oats or with a cup of yogurt.


Fat-free, no added sugar, and lusciously rich makes Greek yogurt an excellent choice to add to your diet. It’s low in calorie density and sodium, and high in protein calcium and potassium, and tastes divine especially when topped with an assortment of berries to keep your heart healthy.

10. TUNA

Fresh tuna has a significantly low amount of cholesterol. Since it’s also inexpensive, you can stock up to enjoy in between meals or alongside meals to add more protein. The fish oil in tuna helps to lower cholesterol. Whether you’d want to eat it plain or with a bowl of salad, it’s easy to add tuna to your daily diet.


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