Unearthing the Power of Flora

By Jacqueline Benita Paul


One of my fondest memories growing up was following my mother to her facials; it just had a different feel to it compared to simply applying a facial at home. I thought to myself, “I couldn’t wait to be an adult and afford it for myself”. One of the places she frequented was Beaute Library back in 2011 when it first opened. I distinctively remember the pristine white walls, the warm smiles from behind the marble counter and the glow on my mother’s face after her treatment.

This time, it was my turn and I brought along my colleague who has never had a facial done in a beauty centre before. The session started with a comprehensive questionnaire on our skincare routine before the skin- scanning to get an accurate evaluation of our skin’s condition. It was nice to know that my routine has been working for me as the therapist revealed my skin is healthy. To my surprise, my colleague who has a radiant complexion has a combination skin type of oily and dry.

I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels, so I decided to try out the Beaute Intensive Detox Facial Treatment while my colleague, Callisty Grace would do the Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment. Here is what we thought about the session:

First-timer’s Experience – Callisty Grace, 26

“Honestly, I did not expect much from the session but I was impressed from the moment I walked in at the level of attention to detail on the service and product used to suit my skin needs. No doubt there are plenty of skincare products in the market but the usage of floral and plant-based skincare is so much more effective than I would give it credit for if I never tried it! The session began with a soothing massage and since it was my first time, an extraction was done for me, slight pain aside, I was grateful to have a kind therapist who talked me through the entire process. My face was cleansed and scrubbed thoroughly and gently that I almost fell asleep through it. The two hours for the treatment just flew by when I was just drifting away in relaxation. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how toned and radiant my skin was. In fact, the process even left me energized. I’ll definitely be making a habit of getting my facials done at a beauty salon.”

Veteran’s Experience – Jacqueline Benita, 26

“For me, a couple of hours at a beauty salon isn’t merely for getting good skin but it is also a session for relaxation and Beaute Library delivered superbly. My facial started with gentle double cleansing and the scent of chamomile from the product helped me relax even with work on my mind. The floral scrub was comforting and left my skin feeling revitalised. The one thing I had not experienced before was a cool steamer instead of the conventional hot steamer that is used for facial treatments. Beaute Library’s Aqua Cool Technology doesn’t rely on heat to open up your pores but, instead by creating an ultrafine mist that deeply purifies and hydrates the skin. My skin’s after-glow said it all.”


Beaute Library, Plaza Arkadia
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