Leave It to the Experts

By Crystal Chong

“Let me start by saying this: I have just found my new favourite hair salon.”


Located above La Juiceria at Nadi Bangsar, Alph Studio is a 5,000-square-foot salon thoughtfully divided into three sections to give customers the best experience. The nearest seats to the entrance, for example, are for quick wash-and-blow services while the seats towards the back are for treatments that take longer, with power plugs in place for those who want to get work done (or watch Netflix). There is also a VIP room for those who need privacy and leather chairs for the boyfriends (or anyone really) to wait in comfort.


After making sure I was all cosy in my seat, my stylist, Nicky, began to analyse my hair and asked if I had a specific look I was after. I showed him a photo of Kristen Stewart in the 2019 film Charlie’s Angels and being honest, he said the hairstyle would be too ‘strong’ for me.

Taking into account my style preference, my facial features, the natural state of my hair and the fact that I couldn’t be bothered spending more than five minutes on my hair in the morning, Nicky knew exactly what he needed to do to give me a hairstyle that would not only look good in the moment, but also easy to maintain in the long run.


Step one was dyeing my hair a classic mocha colour. Yves, a junior chemist, started by giving my scalp a protective spray before applying oil across my hairline to prevent colour stains. Then, the dye was applied and set to work its magic for 25 minutes before it was washed off with a colour shampoo to restore the pH level. Most of the products used here are from Italian brand Framesi and the hair dyes are known to have very low ammonia, which means it is gentler to the hair.

Then, I was given a nourishing scalp treatment with products from Viege, a Japanese brand embracing natural ingredients. A ginger-based serum was first used to help prevent hair loss, coupled with a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation. The Viege Base Suppli was then applied to strengthen my roots and help with absorption of the serum. To top it all off, the Takara Spa Mist was used to open up my hair follicles to allow for even better absorption of the treatment. The last two minutes of the mist was cool, of course, to close back those follicles.

Last but not least was my haircut by Nicky. He started by cutting off all my wispy ends and gave my hair more structure, while maintaining a sense of femininity in style. My hair was then blow dried with a Dyson hair dryer – a hallmark of any good hair salon if you ask me. A spray on the scalp to further improve blood circulation and prevent hair loss, and it was time to retexture my hair and ultimately, give the finished look.

Our designer, Eyda, was also at Alph Studio with me and had her very own makeover. Her stylist, Roy, decided to give her hair a warmer peach tone to complement her skin tone, as well as the all-important scalp and hair treatments to nourish and protect her beautiful mane. Then, a little layering to add volume and voila!

Both of us were in and out of Alph Studio in less than three hours, which from our experience, was real fast. The team gave us their full attention at all times, and from the protective products used to the detailed explanation of the process, we could feel they genuinely care for their customers, beyond their hair.

Address: Alph Studio Level 1, Commercial Lot, Nadi Bangsar, Jalan Tandok,
                 Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:          03-2733 8402

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