Tableau of Tropical Opulence

By Jacqueline Benita Paul


Located just 35 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and 25 minutes from the city centre, The Villas was our luxe abode for the weekend. When the driver picked us up from the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa concierge, we didn’t expect that we would discover such a tropical gem in the urban sprawl called Sunway City. Moreover, we were told we had a personal butler and chauffer for the next 48 hours. Unlike the usual passe checkin at counters, we opted for an in-room check in to enjoy the exclusive nature of the resort.

Our room was a private paradise with a towel swan and heart-shaped throw pillow to make us feel like we were having a honeymoon in Bali without leaving Kuala Lumpur. The four-poster bed was embellished with beige curtains, complementing the warm lighting in the room and the composition was accentuated with the cobalt-blue infinity pool within view. The room even had space for a living area furnished with a sun bed with chartreuse throw pillows and a fabric lounge chair. Beyond that was the private balcony to enjoy the unadulterated view of the flourishing surrounding greenery.

With such luxury within the comfort of our villa, we decided to try the Candlelight Dinner. Our butler prepared an elaborate setting with tea candles and candle lanterns, a supremely romantic table setting with petals of roses heightening the already romantic feel of the place.

There are two options for the dining menu, western and Middle Eastern. With cravings for fragrant biryani to warm ourselves in the cool breezy weather, we chose the latter. Menu highlights from the 4-course dinner included the incredible grilled salmon, Turkish lamb chops, shish taouk (chicken skewers), tiger prawns on a bed of Arabian rice and vegetables.

Ingeniously, The Villas also offer a Floating Breakfast so you can take full advantage to fill your social media feed with enviable photos. Another not-to-be-missed dining experience is the a la carte lunch at The Resort Café. We particularly enjoyed the flavoursome and rich Fish Head Curry. To my surprise, I was relieved to take a 5-minute walk from The Resort Café to our villa although I’ve never liked walking. Perhaps it was the enchanting scenery through the free-form landscaped swimming pool with cascading waterfall, I wondered.

As it was an R&R weekend, we booked a 50-minute Balinese massage at the famed Mandara Spa. The pathway to the spa offers plenty of delightful views of the manicured lawn and breathtaking foliage. Our session began with our genial therapist serving us a delicious cold ginger tea before allowing us to pick the massage oil for our session. During the massage, we were asked from time to time if we wanted to adjust the pressure or if we were comfortable.

By the end of our stay, we had made plans to return. The Villas offer ample convenience and unprecedented service for guests to relax and unwind. The staff took every opportunity to remind us that they were thinking of us with simple gestures. When time constraint gets you down from making staycation plans, you may want to consider The Villas for an unforgettable urban tropical escape.


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