Tips to Stay Healthy and Active On Vacation


After almost two years of being confined indoors, it’s only natural that we long for open spaces and a much-deserved vacation by the beach, overlooking the azure-hued sea. Staying fit, active and healthy is a big priority for a lot of people, yet many struggle to keep up with this healthy habit during their vacations. Granted, travelling often means indulgences like trying the local cuisine including their decadent desserts and perhaps strong cocktails, there are other factors you can focus on during your travels that can help you stay centred and feeling your best so that you can enjoy every aspect of your vacation.

Water on vacation might mean swimming pools or beaches, but what you put in your body is crucial for health and wellbeing. Travelling to tropical countries and beach sides tend to be hot, which means that your body would require more water intake, especially since our body constitutes 70% water. Furthermore, when you’re engrossed in partaking in fun activities with your friends, chances are you aren’t drinking enough water, and the consequences can manifest with everything from headaches to fatigue. Travelling with a reusable water bottle is a handy way to keep yourself hydrated.

It’s normal to want to fill your day with all kinds of activities and sightseeing while travelling somewhere new. Not allowing yourself the time to relax and recharge will ultimately leave you with that dreaded feeling of needing a vacation after your vacation. Remember to stretch, do some light exercises like taking a morning walk or doing 20 minutes of yoga on the beach — this will keep you feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever is on your itinerary. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself to a spa treatment or two during your vacation to help keep your body feeling loose and limber. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Overeating tends to be pretty normal when vacationing and we often find ourselves enjoying less-healthy options like ice cream and lavish brunches. Something that can be helpful when trying to minimise overeating patterns is being mindful of what you order. Eat the dessert that you want but be sure to savour it and enjoy every bite. View that occasional indulgence as an almost-meditative experience and you’ll find bliss that is sure to be a trip highlight. You can’t avoid eating out while on vacation, also why would you want to? This is also when you can practise mindfulness in portion sizes. Follow the basic rule of healthy diet by filling half your plate with fruits and veggies. This way you can enjoy the fun, new meals while not totally throwing your diet out the window. Carrying healthy snacks with you also helps, such as homemade roasted peanuts, dates, almonds and energy bars that are all great options.

A trip away can often times serve as the perfect excuse not to work out, with only a few dedicated individuals seeking the gym wherever they travel. If hitting the gym doesn’t float your boat, sign up for some fun recreational activities that would also help you to explore your surroundings. Be it hiking, river rafting, swimming, cycling or a mere walk, these activities can help you get some physical activity in as well as experience something that you’ll remember for a lifetime. You can also opt for family yoga classes or spin class at a popular local studio to get in the family time.

In this day and age of social media, it can be difficult to keep ourselves away from our devices that are usually permanently attached to our fingertips, such as cell phones, iPads, laptops and the works. Use your vacation as an excuse to disconnect from technology and get connected to the real world. A digital detox from gadgets can do wonders for your mental health and it creates the opportunity to discover new places. What’s the point of a vacation if you’re looking down at your phone the whole time?

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