Spargo Eats

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan

Eating healthy in the Klang Valley is progressively easier, thanks to additions like Spargo Eats — the purveyor of simple, accessible healthy food. It is on a mission to create healthier communities by connecting people to real food, with its tagline being, ‘From Farm to Fork’. Part of the appeal of this eatery is its focus on building a transparent supply network by sourcing from credible farmers and partners it trusts. This in turn, ensures food grown locally reaches tables at lower prices and is of high quality.

The menu at Spargo Eats revolves around healthful, fresh, comforting bowls. From the warm bowls segment, the Asian Pesto Pasta is made to order, with whole wheat basil pasta as its base, lemongrass chicken thigh, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, shimeji mushrooms, charred broccoli and garnished with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. Another wholesome goodness comes in the form of the Salted Egg Chicken, featuring fragrant brown rice, signature rosemary chicken thigh, shimeji mushrooms, and complemented by charred broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and the piece de resistance — salted egg yolk sauce.

Vegan options are aplenty at Spargo Eats, our favourite being The Earth Bowl. Expect a bed of fragrant brown rice with teriyaki tofu, spicy peanut tempeh for that extra kick, shimeji mushrooms, charred sweet corn and sun-dried cherry tomatoes paired with soy-lime-cilantro sauce to unify the flavours. From the salads segment, the Phuture Pad Kra Pow spoke to us. It comprises a delightful medley of freshly harvested futureX farm lettuce mix served with Phuture (local start up purveying plant-based meat) pad kra pow, cherry tomatoes, carrots, purple cabbage, roasted sesame and peanuts, and paired perfectly with Hellman’s roasted sesame dressing — a visual and palatable treat.

Address: Spargo Eats *Healthy *Casual dining (Pork-free)
                 Ground Floor, Sunway FutureX Farm, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel:          016 4473448

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