A Rustic Retreat

By Hiranmayii Awli Mohanan

Smack in the heart of the historic city of Melaka, an industrial-looking establishment by the name of Rosa Malacca stands tall and proud, breaking away from the cultural norm that emanates from this city. Owned by two young entrepreneurs whose wanderlust led them to discover the world, they brought back elements from countries they fell in love with and permeated it through their brainchild, Rosa Malacca.

The hotel’s biggest allure lies in its prime locale, merely minutes away from all the local attractions and places of interest. A rustic signage with the hotel’s namesake crowns the facade. Its lounge area with giant clocks that represent the time of various countries, trunks that serve as a coffee table, cascading black chandeliers, massive day bed sofas and distinct throw pillows assimilate with its ambience and invite you to get cosy. Take the lift and ascend to the lobby where a serene and artistically designed space greets you together with a mammoth bouquet of beautiful flowers and friendly staff with a smile etched on their faces. You can’t help but whip your phone out for a picture. In fact, every nook and crevice of Rosa Malacca deserves a picture.

Rosa Malacca proves to be a breath of fresh air, featuring contemporary flair with an artistic touch throughout its interior. A modern industrial space is the architectural trope seen throughout the hotel, boasting elements such as classic red bricks and matte concrete walls punctuated by ubiquitous greenery to break the monotony, and frames of keys and numbers bedeck the space. The lobby opens out to the courtyard where evenings are best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake. Mimicking the streets of Europe, the sprawled open-air seating is accentuated by lines of LED lights hanging atop, contributing to a magical ambience. Rosa Malacca is also home to the Bica & Co café, an open-plan bar and deli serving all-time favourite a la carte western and local dishes and where daily breakfasts takes place. Conveniently located on the first floor and open for lunch and dinner, one need not venture out for food.
Boasting five room categories, each is designed with the same industrial theme in mind, offering bounteous space, modernity and the hippest amenities while still exuding cosiness. From Deluxe King to the Family Suite, Rosa Malacca caters to the needs of every traveller. Besides the attractive amenities, the minute details that make the hotel distinct are the custom- made Rossa logo and names of historic landmarks in the city are ubiquitous, on almost every single item such as pillow, hanger, slippers and lamp. The owners envisioned the Rosa Malacca brand to be etched to your memory. The piece de resistance of the room is the colossal king-size bed that sings a siren song, calling you to sink in. When you have finally mustered up the courage to leave the room, the historic city of Melaka and its offerings await. Suffice to say, a stay at Rosa Malacca will guarantee your return in the near future.

Address: 212, Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel         : 06 2819888

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