Rebel Pasta

Handmade with Heart

By Crystal Chong


Stroll down the streets of Damansara Utama and you might catch sight of Rebel Pasta’s chefs in action, rolling fresh egg dough by the window.

Led by founder and head chef, Daren, the pasta joint represents a culinary rebellion, dedicated to serving hand- rolled pasta and Italian dry pasta complemented by house- made sauces and ingredients that challenge expectations.

For antipasti, we had the Prawn and Cucumber Salad, mixed with bits of smoked salmon for a surprise in every bite. To top that off, ebiko was sprinkled in to give a literal ‘pop’ to the dish.

We also had the Brûléed Chicken Liver Pâté, paired with baguette. Silky-smooth and rich, the pâté marries with the sweet caramelised sugar for a union that brings out the best of flavours.

Moving on to the mains, the menu organises the pasta by their sauces – pomodoro, olive oil, cream and pesto – making it easy for you to depending on what you feel like having. 

While Daren takes risks with his pasta flavours, he stays true to the Italians’ way of cooking it – al dente, which means “to the tooth”. As such, you’ll notice the pasta here is firmer to the bite, but still tender.

First, we had The Formiolli, ravioli filled with ricotta blended with lemon zest, and blanketed with pomodoro sauce. The lemon was an unexpected touch, with the slightly tart taste inviting us to have more.

Next was the Fish on a Rocket – fettuccine in pomodoro and cream sauce. With a generous serving of house-smoked Norwegian salmon, we loved how the touches of salt balanced with the sweetness of the sauce.

One of the stand-out dishes for us is the Killing Yolk, matcha fettuccine in pesto with a fresh egg yolk, which when mixed in, adds to the richness of the sauce. The Japanese matcha gives the pasta a hint of earthy bitterness, which we found added character and made this a must-try.

In between bites, we were also treated to the Cold Brew French Earl Grey, a refreshing drink with a noticeably fragrant aroma.

As Daren and his team continue to ‘rebel’ in the kitchen, experimenti with new ways to amaze, we can’t wait to see what they serve up next.


Address: Rebel Pasta *Pasta *Casual dining *Muslim-friendly
                 No.47G, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya,

Tel:         03-7495 9090


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