Private Sale Kamal Ariffin


B. Pahang, 1964

Balang Series – Dunia Berbisik #5, 2015 

Acrylic on canvas 

152.5 x 152.5 cm 

RM 28,000 


Nizar Kamal Ariffin’s works bear a greater and deeper meaning to them. He’s one of those artists who’s constantly soul searching for truth and the discovery of the meaning of life. The lines signify spirituality, liberty, faith and personal growth, and as one can see, they are all interwoven and connected in the world (the canvas). Despite the state that the lines are in, a thick line is present in the midst of all the chaos, one that Nizar Kamal Ariffin defines as a line that “embodies one’s faith in the Creator to guide one through the good and bad of life”. Other times, it may represent the ruler of a country or a district, those who are responsible for leading other people. The lighter space in this piece signifies balance in life, and contextually, it means that we need faith to have balance in life.