Private Sale 78



B. Melaka, 1955


Acrylic on canvas 

90 x 71 cm 

RM 22,000 


“I embarked on a conquest of inner space, texture and colour bringing the beauty of the natural world indoor, which is transformed onto paper and canvas. I have explored my work in such a way which might lead to confusion and curiosity on the part of my viewers, I hope that the viewer will explore my work through his or her own individual imagination and perception of the world.”

There is no better place than our dreams, and there is no better artist to paint those dreams apart from Ismail Latiff. He usually incorporates folklore, myths and legends into his artworks and the end result is usually a flurry of fantastical colours – absolute magic as depicted in this work. Ismail Latiff, is an important artist dedicated to painting in the abstract. He is known for his abstract expressionism works on canvas, spectacularly converting colours into dreams and dreams into colours.