Private Sale 40


B. Kedah, 1970


Abdul Ghani Ahmad defines his paintings as a documentation of the local heritage, and that paintings are among the best ways to preserve our tradition and heritage for the future generation. However, taking a different turn from his usual landscape paintings of homely scenes, featuring nature and villages, he creates a stunning pandemonium of colours. The colours flow, bleed and seep into one another, creating slow movement that hypnotises and enchants. Exceptionally pleasurable to the eye and mind, this spontaneous piece is made up of different shades and shapes, all muddled together to create the wonderful disorder that is this painting. Despite the disarray, they all work in harmonious unison.

Abdul Ghani Ahmad is a self-taught artist who started being active in watercolours in 1986. He believes that although photography produces accurate and honest images, it cannot compare to watercolours in providing the audience with a sense of satisfaction.