Private Sale 36


B. Selangor, 1963


The clean, crisp and original use of space catches the eye. It is unique, neat and orderly despite displaying various meticulous techniques. In the usual Haron Mokhtar style, he composes a masterpiece that displays the intricacy of a certain building’s architecture at top half of the canvas, and then bedecks the bottom with the people linked to said architecture or faith. The resulting space in the middle is truly unique, and people will take no time in grasping the link between the two separated subjects.

Haron Mokhtar was born in Simpang Lima, Sungai Besar, Selangor. He graduated from UiTM Shah Alam with a Degree in Fine Art and is most popularly known for depicting heritage buildings and also for the combination of acrylic and watercolour in his painting