Private Sale 11




B.Penang, 1976

Malaysian Breeze Series, 2002 

Lasercut Mild Steel 

180 x 112 x 3 cm 

RM 28,000 



Multhalib Musa can be regarded as one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary sculptors. He is known for his ‘fluid metal sculptures’ which seem to have been effortlessly carved out of metal. The contradiction of transforming a hard material like metal into a supple, pliable form which catches and bounces light off it, reflects Multhalib’s interest in exploring light and the manipulation of his medium.

His unique and energetic sculptures have earned him not only a name for himself, but several awards, residencies and commissions. Abdul Multhalib was born in Penang, in 1976. He gained a degree in architecture from Universiti Teknologi Mara in 2000. Sculpture and the allied arts have always been integral parts of an architect’s training. This sparked a hidden fire and generated an interest in the arts. Multhalib uses his experience and degree in architecture by seamlessly materialising it into his works.