Pelanggi, 2003

Product description:

LOT 01

Ismail Latiff (B. Melaka, 1955)

Pelanggi, 2003

Signed “Ismail Latiff” on lower middle
Acrylic on museum board
38 x 38 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 5,040
This piece is busy with colours and movement, but it is no less splendid than Ismail Latiff’s other spectacular pieces. The colour purple plays quite a role in this piece; making up most of the canvas’ atmosphere and even Ismail Latiff’s omnipresent circle of perfection and balance is tinted with hues of amethyst.

The colours shift, turn and twist as if blown by a strong gust of wind, sweeping through the entire canvas. Amid the chaos and flutter of colourful wind however, lies the circle of balance, one that the artist explained was an embodiment of being one and whole with the universe.


Price: RM 5,040.00