By Sara Yeoh

Founded by celebrity host and wellness icon Jojo Struys, OhanaJo Studio is a space for beyond yoga and fitness. It is a space for discovering self-love, and everyone is welcome.


Born out of Jojo’s desire to share her passion and knowledge, OhanaJo is described by her as a co-healing space where like-minded souls gather to embark on a journey towards healing and transformation for the mind, body and soul. Having practised breathing techniques around the world and becoming a fully-certified yoga instructor in Rishikesh, India, she hosts a few classes herself too.

OhanaJo offers unique yoga classes that extend beyond just teaching techniques – it focuses on the mind and the soul as well, shaping the physical, emotional and mental forms of disciples. This is why some of the yoga classes incorporate a serene sound bath therapy.

Mindfulness is on top of the studio’s agenda, with workshops focusing on relaxation and stress release, the art of self-care, and even your own breath work to improve spiritual levels. For earnest yogis, there are classes for all levels, from basic yoga foundation for beginners to classes to maintain and strengthen your practice. You could also sign up for interesting classes like a healing Shamanic drumming session or a tension- releasing Myofascial Qi Gong.


As a writer, life is on the fast lane. The stressful and hectic lifestyle has prompted us to try out their Inner Being Meditation and Sound Bath session. Being new to meditation and sound bath, we were in for a spiritual discovery.

We began our meditative experience by sitting in silence, taking in the teachings and wisdom our instructor Savy had to offer. Then, we worked on our breathing and did light stretches to release tensions in our mind and body. We were then asked to close our eyes, and embark on a spiritual journey with Savy’s illustratory narratives, sending us to confront our subconscious, and adventure into places unexplored by the human mind. Savy touched our souls, and even sent some of us into tears.

As we opened our eyes, we were asked to share our exploration into our deeper consciousness. And magically, people poured their hearts out one after another, having their soul touched by Savy. This class was like a mind detox – participants spilled out their souls and flush out tears and other emotional waste. It works almost like therapy, but better, more organic, and cheaper. The class was the perfect spiritual cleansing without having to be religious.

After the spiritual cleansing, it was time for rejuvenation. We lay down and bask ourselves with a tranquilising sound bath and Savy’s angelic singing voice. Savy used clear crystal quartz bowls that gave out musical notes in different tones, frequencies and vibrations to reach and heal each nerve and thought in our body and mind. It was the perfect end to a weeknight.



Address: 15-1, Jalan Daun Inai 21, Sunway Spk Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-696 8895


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