NEA Fine Bake

Labour of love through the art of pastry

By Agnes Aui

Nestled in Kota Kemuning is a inimalistic French-inspired bakery nd café called NEA Fine Bake. by head chef Barcspain Nea, the café mirrors the young Malaysian – poise, elegant and welcoming. Trained in France and worked under a Michelin restaurant, Barcspain curates his own recipes, adding Asian elements like green tea, salted egg yolk and taro.

Their croissants, ranging from plain and salted egg yolk to unique yam and polo-bun are made from scratch. Barcspain taught me to eat them with my hands instead of cutleries as I would be breaking the layers apart. True enough, they were fluffy on the inside and glistening on top with enticing crackling sounds as I bit the crisp pastry while its filling oozed out – a harmonious blend of flavours.

Their Madeleine cake are made with 75% less sugar which lifted other components, allowing consumers to thoroughly taste the ingredients used and making it a wholesome experience. Take your pick from four flavours namely lemon, green tea, earl grey and chocolate – with each element strikingly distinct. My personal favourites were the earl grey and lemon, with the strong bergamot- infused tea taste and citrusy touch.

Savoury choices include Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken in Red Chilli Sauce) with Pandan rice that reminded me of an Indian dish while the spiciness was similar to Korean Samyang spicy noodles, perfect for spice challenge lovers. Their chicken strip croissant sandwich with slight heat from the chilli infused in the salted egg yolk batter and the buttery croissant makes it a hearty dish to have for brunch.

Accompanying my meal was their signature drink of sour plum and lime marinated in bamboo sugar with soda water, their personal twist on a nostalgic childhood drink. Great as a pick-me-up on mundane days, the concoction was sweet, sour and refreshing.

Before leaving, I took time to admire the painted artwork by local artist Ng En Ni outside the café – a beautiful floral pattern on the right and a flawless portrait of the founder in his element, constructing croissants in a chef’s white. As I bid farewell to Barcspain and Steffi, I knew I would be back soon enough t have another go at their authentic pastries.


Address: NEA Fine Bake *French cuisine (pork-free)
                 12, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/93,
                 Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam,

Tel:          03-5892 3330


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