Maruki Ramen

Warm goodness in a bowl

By Agnes Aui


Located in The Linc KL, Maruki Ramen is an upscale and contemporary spot that churns out countless wholesome bowls of fresh ramen daily. The best part is that all the ingredients used are halal, making Maruki Ramen a must-visit place for halal ramen.

The restaurant was established in January this year and offers different types of soup with similar options of toppings including glazed chicken roll, premium Australian beef slices, ajitama soft-boiled egg, leek and seaweed. The superior soup is a light yet flavoursome choice while the classic soup is a thick and hearty option. As for spice lovers, the classic kara would entice whereas the classic kuro – well, let’s just say you have to taste this to believe it.

We started out with a luscious bowl of Superior Shio Deluxe featuring chicken broth seasoned with salt. Aside from the immaculate flavours, Maruki Ramen’s broths are top notch as no MSG or thickeners are used. Truly, there’s no healthier and more wholesome ramen haven like this one.

The Classic Kuro Deluxe was next, a unique white chicken broth blended with black garlic oil that we absolutely loved. The garlic flavour didn’t overpower and instead, resulted in a rich umami and smoky hint. The ramen itself was al dente and cooked to perfection as its natural springy form sat comfortably in the glistening hot broth.

The Classic Kara Deluxe is ideal for spice lovers as its broth features a blend of Malaysian flavours made from scratch. That’s right, no powders are used and all of the spices are made in-house. Taste- wise, the broth was almost like curry but carried a unique element of its own. It wasn’t overly spicy and wasn’t too light that you couldn’t get that ‘oomph’.

But what stood out in every hearty bowl was the glazed chicken roll that stunningly mimicked tonkatsu. Skillfully prepared with secret ingredients, the roll was juicy, soft and a definite must-try. Another favourite of ours was the seared wagyu that was succulent, exquisite and notable as the restaurant only uses top of the range A5 wagyu meat for its dishes, ensuring the best quality and taste for a reasonable price.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t leave without highlighting the fried chicken gyoza and the don (that also comes in mini versions) which undoubtedly lingered in our minds.


Address: Maruki Ramen *Japanese cuisine *halal
                 Lot 2-23, Level 2, The Linc KL, No, 360, Jalan Tun Razak,
                 50400 Taman U Thant, Kuala Lumpur

Tel:          016-626 3389 / 03-2332 6916

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