Lounge in the Sky

Taking Dining to New Heights

By Crystal Chong

From rooftop bars to revolving restaurants, there’s no doubt we love a good view with our meals. Taking this to another level is Lounge in the Sky, an eight-table restaurant that will lift you 150 feet up into the air at the Hive Zone of dining and nightlife hub, TREC.

Born in Belgium, the Lounge in the Sky attraction in Kuala Lumpur is the first of its kind in Asia, bringing the novel experience to KL-ites and visitors from across the region. Arriving at the check-in point at TREC, we were escorted to our table, where the on-ground crew buckled us up for the ‘flight’. We felt extremely safe with the two- strap seat belts, and as the crane raised the platform, we could barely hold in the excitement watching our feet being lifted off the ground, going higher and higher until the Petronas Twin Towers were at eye level.

Once we reached the top, the host informed us we could actually turn our chairs left and right for a 360-degree view, and recline the seat to admire the night sky. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a chair with a drink in hand and the sparkling city lights all around. The platform also rev the meal, giving you a seamless change of views.

Of course, this isn’t just a ride – it’s also a dining experience with delicious canapé platters. Our ‘flight’ took place during the week of Chinese New Year, and we were treated to the Lou Sang in the Sky experience. The Yee Sang was packed with the prosperous must-haves and more, with Atlantic salmon sashimi, marinated baby octopus, and fruits and vegetables. Next were the Sesame Chicken with Foie Gras Emulsion and Baby Herb, as well as the Prawn and Cabbage Chinese Crepe with Crispy Sakura Ebi. For dessert, we had the Strawberry and Red Bean Mochi, and a Vanilla Pineapple Tart with creamy vanilla custard. To pair with our meal, we had a refreshing, fruity mocktail crafted by 2016 World Class Malaysia Champion, Osmund Bernard.

With the festive season over, however, Lounge in the Sky will be offering a selection of five packages throughout the year, serving exclusive canapés prepared by Steve Ariffin, Executive Chef of Elements KL. From Prawn Ceviche with Yuzu Cream to W Beef Haché, see the full menu on the Lounge in the Sky website.



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