Lot 95

LOT 95

(B. Johor, 1955)

Untitled, 2005

Inscribed “1/1 Ahmad Zakii Anwar” on bottom of paper
Etching on paper, Edition 1/1
18 x 16.5 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

Page 245 of Disclosure Ahmad Zakii Anwar” coffee table book
Published in 2008 by Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 3,920

“I don’t find the need to distort when I’m drawing the human figure to find what I’m looking for. I’d like to find it within the principle of the human figure as it is,” said Zakii, during his days at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, when he used to do etchings of Malay Mak Yong actors – those who perform the age-old drama-dance in secret during the night as they were banned by the government.

This etching proves that despite the obvious grinning face of the actor, Zakii manages to create a darker, mysterious, elusive mood, as if echoing the fact that these actors still work in secret after being banned. Also, despite the fact that colours focus more on being expressionistic than naturalistic, he captures the details, the contours and the crevices of every nook and cranny of the human face as it is – the wrinkles, the shadows, the shapes and everything else very accurately. Although this may seem straightforward in meaning, this clearly shows Zakii’s explorations of his artistic techniques, skill and a deeper meaning in art.