Lot 90 | 8 November 2020



LOT 90


B. USA, 1974

Kaws Gone, Open Edition

Vinyl figure

31.5 x 16 x 10 cm

Private Collection, Singapore

RM 2,800 – RM 5,500

Brian Donnelly, known professionally as Kaws, is an American artist and designer. Born in 1974, his work includes repeated use of a cast of figurative characters and motifs that were painted in two- dimensions which later were turned into three- dimensions. Some of his characters are his own creations while others are reworked versions of existing icons. Kaws’ sculptures range in size from a few inches to ten metres tall and are made from various materials including fiberglass, aluminium, wood, bronze, and a steel pontoon inflatable raft. His work is exhibited in various galleries and museums, and is also collected by many famous individuals including Swizz Beatz (a music producer), PewDiePie (a YouTuber), Pharrell Williams (a rapper) and some members of BTS (a famous South Korean boy band).