Lot 9 | Auction XIX


B. Pahang, 1978

VW 5, 2010

Signed “Raduan Man” on middle bottom Signed, titled and dated on reverse

Oil on linen

74 x 74 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 3,800 – RM 5,000

This piece comes across as strong and purposeful, as the artist tries to make a statement regarding an issue about nature. There is a quite an amount of space in this piece that it seems as if it consists of two different paintings entirely.

Despite how strong it comes off as, the message is very unclear, ambiguous and closed, and it is only up to the viewer what to make of it. For some, they may see horns or even feathers on the left side, perhaps one of an endangered animal. On the right, it may seem like the the dots signify the amount of endangered species left in world, with the splatters signifying bloodshed and loss. This piece, however, is subjective in its meaning yet exceptional in its execution.

Mohd Raduan Man was born in 1978. His works, filled with dialogues to the audience, possess strong meanings and statements that he wishes to convey to audience, and a number of his works have been sold at auctions, such as ‘Rooster’ and ‘The Young Contempo Auction’.