Lot 88

LOT 88

(B. Sarawak, 1939)

Moon Over Crab Junction, 2007

Signed and dated “RSA ‘07 Moon Over Crab `Junction” on lower right
Oil on canvas
180 x 120 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 16,800

This piece is engulfed in various shapes, colours and shades. Struck with visual wonder, the audience is left to discover more and more colours as they explore the canvas, each colour special and diverse, as trees and floras are in the forests. This variation of nature just seems to pull the viewer in, coaxing them to take a longer look, as there are many more colours to discover and to get acquainted with. Perhaps this is how Raphael Scott AhBeng sees plants, leaves and flowers collectively – he sees them as having their own aura, their own colour and own shapes in spite of their original and natural colour.

Raphael paints with his entire being, letting his brush and artistic mind take control of the colours and shapes that make up this mountain of colours. There is a wild interaction between these colours, filling this piece with a peculiar and eccentric personality. The blue moon watches over them, like a sentinel, highlighting the best of nature and the best of Raphael’s art.