Lot 87 | Auction XXXVII



LOT 87


B. Melaka, 1955

Rimba Beringin Rendang… Puteri Ampai Ampai, 1992

Signed and dated “Ismail Latiff ‘92” on lower right

Acrylic on paper

75 x 54 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

RM 4,000 – RM 6,000


There is a reason why fantasy always appeals to human beings. It is an entirely new world so easily accessible through our imaginations. Regrettably, these wonderful places are difficult to put into words, let alone paint. Fortunately, we are able to see a proper, solid version of it through Ismail Latiff’s paintings. With a brushstroke, he takes us to that faraway place, one that consists of the landscapes you can only dream about. Ismail Latiff brings these dreams to fruition on canvas.

His works are based on nature and solitude, some sort of paradise, as seen in this painting. He once mentioned, “I embarked on a conquest of inner space, texture and colour, bringing the beauty of the natural world indoor, that is transformed onto paper and canvas.”

The bursts of green, blue and yellow and the gentleness with which they flow makes it all the more magical and soothing. He manages to make this painting seem like it is saturating with an aura of wonder.