Lot 83 | Auction XXXII

Lot 83

LOT 83


B. Kelantan, 1934 – 2018

Lucerne Old Bridge, 1987

Signed and dated “Khalil Ibrahim 87” on lower right

Watercolour on paper

24 x 32 cm


Private Collection, Singapore

Illustrated on page 77 of “KHALIL IBRAHIM The Art Journey” exhibition book. Published in 2015 by KL Lifestyle Art Space

RM 3,500 – RM 5,000


Given the talent of materialising the beauty of sceneries onto paper, Khalil beautifully captures the Lucerne Old Bridge in Switzerland including its nitty-gritties. Khalil Ibrahim is not concerned with any specific object in his vast landscape. And it is such a remarkable verismo would give his art new force, suggesting that the landscape has remained his Eden – always present for eyes seeking it.