Lot 81

LOT 81

(B. Kedah, 1962)

Forest Road II, 2006

Signed, titled and dated
“Rafiee Ghani ‘forest road II’ 2006” on bottom of canvas
Acrylic on canvas
75 x 60 cm

Private Collection, Kelantan

AVAILABLE – RM 4,500 – RM 8,000

“I am using juxtaposition of forms and colours to bring about that mood in an enclosed space. Having delicate and beautiful things so close, we tend to overlook it. I want to rearrange it. Make it more visible and so that we can stop and look around us.”

Rafiee Ghani is not slapdash about his paintings. He does not merely paint on random subjects of flora and fauna with gallant and cheerful colours. For him, the mood is that one thing he wishes to capture on canvas. What the canvas makes people feel is the result he seeks. He also once said that, “I do not merely paint melons or mangoes; I paint my ‘feelings’ about them.”

There are quite a bit of things once can notice when gazing at Rafiee Ghani’s pieces – take for example, one can detect elements of nature, the environment and his devotion to colour. He also looks at the world with a very unique perspective. This piece seems to spellbind from afar, calling out to the viewer to slowly unfold the meaning and messages behind it, as well as introduce us to the different sides of nature.