Lot 81 | Auction XIV

LOT 81

(B. Penang, 1942)

Feeding Time at Sungai Pinang, 1968

Signed “Tan Peng Hooi 68” on lower left
Signed and dated on verso
Oil on canvas
48 x 58 cm

Private Collection, Kelantan

SOLD – RM 4,480

This painting illustrates the simple charm of the relationship between man and nature at its best, as all forms of life and nature are depicted intermingling and interacting with one another. The quacking of the many ducks trailing the fisherman’s boat can almost be heard, as does the warm heat of the sun that is about to set at this tranquil, quiet fisherman’s village. The soothing palette Tan Peng Hooi employs here makes one long for such a tranquil space, an escape from complications and qualms. This piece, despite being compact with details to parade Tan Peng Hooi’s skills, is very realistic and it also comes off as being almost therapeutic, exuding a warm feeling to anyone who lays their eyes upon it.

Tan Peng Hooi was born in 1942 in Penang. He has a strong artistic reputation, especially since he is a self-taught artist. His works are known to have been widely influenced by John Constable and J. M. Williams Turner, two very renowned British artists during his time. Tan Peng Hooi is known to have his own unique of expression his ideas in his body of work which he derived through his keen perception and senses as well as his matchless sense of observation of nature.