Lot 80

LOT 80

(B. Melaka, 1955)

Wajah Damai Rupawan… Mimpi Lautan Bumi, 2013

Signed “Ismail Latiff” on lower right
Acrylic on canvas
152 x 200 cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

SOLD – RM 54,880

As we dive into the great unknown, this would be most likely what we would see, only a thousand times more beautiful as illustrated by Ismail Latiff. This piece is breathtaking, as the smooth, flowing movement and the light reflected off the sea is clearly something to behold, as shoals circle one another and colourful corals are seen scattered here and there. Ismail Latiff, creator of magical canvases, translates underwater beauty onto canvas in this refreshing, invigorating and calming piece.

He captures the depth, the clarity of the water and very beautifully so that the viewer is almost tempted to reach out to touch it, expecting to feel water enveloping their fingers. This paradisiacal piece is bathed in wonderful colours, a testament of how Latiff’s canvases are truly what dreams are made of.