Lot 8 | Auction XIX


B. Penang, 1986

Ada Yang Tertinggal, 2013

Signed and dated on the reverse

Mixed media on canvas

91 x 91 cm

Provenance Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur

Reference Illustrated on page 17 of “FREEZING THE MOMENT” exhibition catalogue

Published in 2013 by R A Fine Arts

RM 2,800 – RM 4,000

Even before one can discern what the subject truly is, this painting gives
off the air of enigma, of something kept secret and hidden.

As the eyes roam around the canvas, the understanding that comes to
mind is it is of a bed, a mink shawl or coat is tossed onto the bed of
rumpled sheets and rumpled pillows. The duvet droops over to the vivid,
red and black carpet where a blink-and-miss-it pearl earring lay forgotten
on the floor. It immediately hints at a lovers’ rendezvous, a late night and
sordid affair and a lovers’ meeting.

In a shadowy yet realistic way, the artist paints a piece that is able to
create mood and tell a story without bringing in too many subjects,
relaying the message with perception and technique.