Lot 8 | 29 May 2022





B. Kedah, 1958

Untitled, circa 1975

Signed on lower right

Acrylic on paper

24 x 21 cm

Private Collection, Singapore
Painted while studying in England. This artwork was an art exchange with the artist’s Lecturer Peter Kalkhoff in Reading University

RM 3,000 – RM 8,000

This distinct work by the maestro herself exhibits her typical vivid colours, however, the composition of the painting departs from her usual. This special work, crafted circa 1975 when she was still studying at the Reading University, England and found her footing in the art industry. “We live our true lives in the depths of our hearts, not in the superficial masks of personality which we show to the world,” said Dato’ Sharifah.She exhibits the true matters of the heart, mind and soul, how the thought processes are never muted and never silent, always showing their garish colours deep within. It is a piece that says although outside you may seem calm and collected, the inside is a different story. She is a prominent abstract artist in Malaysia and she belongs to the group of artists of the 70’s era.